Could they get any cuter? Ugh, I miss them..

I miss them too..

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The one and only, there never will be another: Christina Aguilera

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The beach.


100+(all the moments I can find) Adamtina moments!

100+9 - Adam when Christina asks for a mic, he’s like yeah! she’ll sing

100+10 - right after salsa dancing

100+11 - Adam looking for Christina’s reaction on a battle (I think this is when someone sang Genie In A Bottle)

100+12 - Christina describing Adam on the bilnds & Adam stares at her and then laughs adorably

100+13 - after spanking him… she walks away and he claps, clearly: he loved it 

100+14 - Christina describing Adam on an interview 


100+(all the moments I can find) Adamtina moments! 

I think I can found 50 more moments! 

100+5 - when she was asked about what she liked the most of the sexiest thing ever

100+6 - one long GORGEOUS season

100+7 - That’s good, She’s good

100+8 - “You’re a deathly musician, are you kidding me?” completely adorable

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